: Very strong thread (Aramid)

This very strong thread is TEX 90 5 PLY NON-BONDED
The colour is CHARCOAL (a very dark purple - nearly black)

Breaking stress is approximately 5.7KG.
See also brick suspension test ( 3KG )
50M and 100M is supplied on a cardboard former.
500M is supplied on a plastic bobbin.
See spooling info for instructions on winding the thread onto a bobbin.

For further information: Email Us or phone

Tel: 01270 876196 (UK enquiries)
Tel: +44 1270 876196
(International enquiries)
We are also open evenings and weekends.

High performance thread
  • Same material as bullet proof vests
  • Cut resistant (good for beadwork)
  • Sewing leather, webbing
  • Shoe and boot repairs
  • Strong binding
  • Model aircraft construction and repair
  • Kite construction and repair
  • Rucksack repairs
  • Military clothing repairs
  • Emergency / survival kits
  • Fishing fly tying
  • This thread has been used to sew
    plastic bottles and aluminium cans!


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Special Orders

We have other high strength fibres including carbon in stock and we can manufacture short lengths
(eg. 5M) of very high strength cut-resistant threads and thin cords if you need to join or reinforce unusual materials. Fibre is temperature resistant (100C) and non-stretch.
Please send requirements and preferably small samples of material to be joined to the address above and specify if hand or machine stitching is required.