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Low cost energy saving solution gives the benefits of double glazing.
window insulation film

Photo: Window insulation kit

The film is fixed to the window frame using double sided tape.
This traps an insulating layer of air between the glass and the film which
reduces heat flow and stops condensation with the same effect as double glazing.
Some types of glazing film stick directly onto the glass with no insulating air layer and they are effective in summer when bright sunlight is a problem but they dont prevent condensation on single glazed windows in winter because the film is at the same temperature as the glass..

  • Reduces heat flow and saves money on heating bills.
  • Stops condensation which rots the frames and increases the rate of heat flow onto the glass.
    (every 1 ml of condensation removes 2200 Joules of heat energy from the air in the room)
  • Also effective on external doors with glazed panels.
  • Effective solution for flats and rented accommodation.
  • Can also be used on outbuildings, sheds, caravans.
  • Transparency is much better than polythene.
  • A hair drier is used to shrink the film and remove creases.
  • Low prices (see note below)

The film is available in different widths:-
1.6M ( 63 inches )
is centre folded to 0.8M.and supplied with 16mm x 25M tape
2.0M ( 78 inches ) is centre folded to 1.0M and supplied with 25mm x 25M tape
The 2M width is intended for patio doors and very large windows.
When measuring the windows you need to allow about 2" (5cm) overlap all the way round to allow for trimming.
Also the exact width of the film can vary slightly depending on the batch
(minimum 1.55M or 1.95M)

Custom lengths are available via special order.
Colour is CLEAR. In the photo it looks straw coloured because there are a lot of layers folded together.
No colour is visible when its unfolded.

3.5M x 1.6M is supplied as a single folded sheet ( 3.5M x 1.6M or 137"x 63") in an envelope.
3.5M x 2.0M is supplied as a single folded sheet ( 3.5M x 2.0M or 137"x 78") in a cardboard box or envelope.
7M is supplied as 2 separate folded sheets ( 3.5M x 1.6M or 137" x 63" each)
14M+ is supplied as a centre folded continuous roll on a cardboard tube 0.8M long.

One tape is usually enough for 5M length of film.

Please read Fixing Instructions before ordering.
If you have sash windows see sash window information
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