Case study - metal frame window

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N.B. This installation was done in the middle of winter making the job more difficult because of the need to remove existing moisture. Its much easier in September before the weather is cold enough to create condensation.

The window was installed using the 25mm tape by a customer (Nick) who kindly made the notes below and took the photos.

Customer notes:-

1.  My cheap sellotape kept tearing when I was trying to pull it off the window frame. 
I would definitely have preferred to use some better quality stuff than the cheapest of the cheap as this would have saved me quite a bit of time trying to pick it off.

2.  The slight fold that happened on the last corner seems to be ok.  I pulled the tape off of the frame trying to reposition it (with some more paint!), but just stuck new tape down underneath and it seems fine.

3.  The hairdryer bit at the end was VERY satisfying and mesmerising!

4.  Even though there's still some condensation (probably about 10% of what there was before in terms of volume - the droplets are much smaller on the film), the room is definitely at least a few degrees warmer, even on these recent frosty days.)

Wiping off excess water
Use a cloth or sponge first and then paper kitchen towels.

Drying off the frame

Adhesion testing using cheap tape

Rubbing down the cheap tape (to pull off and remove any residual dirt and loose paint)

Warming up the frame before sticking down the double sided tape

Sticking down the double sided tape

Holding up the lower part of the film.
It may be better to suspend a bamboo cane or stick from the curtain rail.
This is not usually necessary if you work down the sides 6 inches alternately and leave the tape backing on the bottom side. If there is a radiator under the window then suspension is advisable to prevent the film from coming into contact and causing premature shrinkage.

Trimming the film
Its better to do this after shrinking in case a section detaches (so there is enough overlap to stick it down again)

Starting the shrink process in the corners

This is what happens if the film is folded when it crosses the line of tape

After shrinking

Condensation before installation

Condensation after installation

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