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Its important to fill the gaps because a lot of heat escapes that way.
Something like clingfilm could be used and wedged in with a table knife.

If you have a lot of sash windows usually not all of them need to be opened so the film can be fixed to the outer frame which is less work.
In a large office it would probably be sufficient to have 1 in 4 with opening ability. This would provide sufficient cooling in summer.

The moving panes can be done separately but this takes a bit longer because
the bottom edge of the top window is covered by the top edge of the lower window which prevents access for attaching the tape.
To get round this problem fix the film to the top window and fold back six inches of film at the bottom and fix it using a small piece of sticky tape on each side.

Then slide the top window down and the bottom window up to expose the lower section to allow the double sided tape and film to be attached.
If the window does not need to be opened the catch can be left in the open position and the film on the top window will not be obstructed. A security fixing may be needed to prevent the windows from opening. (e.g. Two long screws either side of the catch position to lock the frames together)

If the window needs to be opened then a sub-frame can be made from a small piece of thicker transparent plastic (e.g. overhead projector slide) and fixed with the double sided tape after the film has been shrunk. The sub-frame has a flap which can be opened to allow the catch to rotate. Attach double sided tape around the sub-frame and stick it on with the flap open. Then trim the window film from the inside to allow access to the catch. When the catch is in the closed position the flap can be folded back to cover everything except the small area in blue.

sash window insulation

If there is not enough space to run the tape between the lower handles and the glass the handles can be unscrewed and replaced after the film has been attached.

Its possible to improve the insulation further by doing both the outer frame and the sliding frames so you achieve a triple glazing effect.

Check also the margins on the frame so you can get the correct width of
tape. (16mm or 25mm) If the frame is wide enough the 25mm tape gives a stronger fixing which will last longer.

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